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Polish armoured car wz. 34 - gallery (part I)

This page is a supplement to the armoured car wz.34 page. It contains additional pre-war photos of this vehicle. See also gallery part II.

Armoured car wz.34 in old camouflage Four views of an armoured car wz.34 from a manual, in an initial camouflage, so-called "Japanese" one (1932-1936). The car has newer body type. A machine gun has been dismounted from a ball (universal) mounting.

Unique sequence of a platoon of wz.34 cars (newer body) in rarely seen early camouflage, 1935 (the photos have been retouched). Well visible is 37 mm Puteaux gun in an universal mounting, in a car with tactical markings of a second in command of the 2nd platoon.

Wz.34 armoured car with a newer body on exercises before the war. A round shield with a dot means a second in command of the 1st platoon. wz.34 armoured car

One of first armoured cars wz.34 (rebuilt in the 3rd Tank Battalion workshops in Warsaw), used for training in Armoured Weapons' Training Center in Modlin. Evident is an older body with two windows. Note an old rectangular weapon mounting. On the left - TK-3 tankette.Wz.34

Poor quality, but nice view of all wz.34 armoured cars of some armoured battalion in late 1930s (9 cars). Visible is the new camouflage. The cars have a front bumper, seen on a part of cars with a new body (of the 5th Armoured Battalion?). The first car has a machine gun in an older mounting, the second - in a newer mounting.wz.34

Wz.34 cars with newer body from the 8th Armoured Battalion in Bydgoszcz, 1938. A shovel is carried on a lower armour skirt in these cars.Wz.34

Wz.34 armoured car in late 1930s (newer body, a ball mounting without a machine gun). A shovel is carried on a right side here.Wz.34

Wz.34 armoured car in late 1930s (newer body), armed with 37 mm gun in a ball universal mount. Note a size of the car comparing with soldiers.Samochód pancerny wz.34

Wz. 34 armoured cars with newer body and standard camouflage. These photos are usually erroneously described in books as the cars of the 1st Armoured Battalion in Poznań on parade in Bydgoszcz in 1937... Samochody wz.34 na defiladzie, 1937.
...but in fact they were taken on Plac Halicki (Halytska Square) in Lwów (Lviv), with Bernardines' church clearly visible in a background. According to A. Jońca, the date is 3 May 1936. Obviously, they don't belong to the 1st Battalion either.

[thanks to A.Jońca and others for identification]
Samochody wz.34.
The 6th Armoured Battalion from Lviv apparently passed its cars with new body to other unis before the war, because by 1939 it had wz.34-II cars (most probably with older bodies). Samochody wz.34.

A squadron of wz.34 cars with an older body in Kraków (Cracov), on Independance Day, 11 November 1937. First is the commader's car. Samochody wz.34 na defiladzie
Photo as above. If these cars belong to the 5th Armoured Battalion from Kraków, they had to be exchanged for cars with new body by the following year... Samochody wz.34 na defiladzie

...visible on Independance Day 1938 parade here. The cars, with newer body, are peculiar to be fitted with bumpers. Cracov Barbican is partly visible on the right. Photo in the same location, but from 21 May 1939, is here. Samochody wz.34 na defiladzie

Armoured cars wz.34 on a parade before Michael the King of Romania in June 1937 in Warsaw (possibly from the 3rd Armoured Battalion stationing there). Although the photo might raise doubts, most probably all the cars have newer bodies, with slanted rear plates. Note bar chains stored on rear fenders - they were supposed to be worn on rear wheels in sand or snow. Samochody wz.34 na defiladzie w 1937

Armoured cars wz.34 (newer hulls, weapons dismounted) in Armoured Weapons' Training Centre (CWBrPanc) in Modlin, June 1936. wz.34

One of rare pre-war photos showing wz.34 cars with an older body type. Noteworthy are commanders sticking out of their small cuppolas. Samochody pancerne wz.34

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