Steel Panthers I PIBWL 1.6
Improvement Pack

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Updated: 28. 11. 2012!

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The Steel Panther

Do you still remember the good old first Steel Panthers game?...

Here is our PIBWL improvement pack for the Mother of all SP-series games.


However the original SSI Steel Panthers I was a magnificent game, but it contained many - smaller or bigger - mistakes and errors concerning both the units and formations, especially as for smaller countries. That's why since 1998 we had been developing this modification pack.

In 2003 we presented ultimate 1.5 release and closed development. However, in connection with general improvement of Steel Panthers WW2 range pictures in November 2012, here we present newest update 1.6.

We have improved a historic accuracy, correcting data of all existing units.
We have also added over 250 new units to different countries. Approximately half of them are completely new in the game - most with new pictures
We have corrected most countries, no matter how big they are - so the gamers from so-called "minor countries" should be satisfied as well.
We have tried to remove wrong units only, without removing any country.

With our pack you can play almost every scenario from the original game (the details are in an attached text file).

If you have any comments or noticed any bugs - share with us

See an illustrated list of new units in PIBWL 1.5/1.6 pack

You can read a documentation here
(it is also included in zip file below).


Short summary of changes from 1.32 on:
1.6 - much improved pictures, several new ones, small fixes of dates and names only.
1.5 - a few general things changed, further data and picture corrections, added units and pictures (especially corrected Holland). See more details in a text file.
1.42 - some data and picture improvements, added untis, corrected some of "small" countries
1.41 - modified obus file
1.4 - a number of new units added, some improvements made, many new color pictures (and many new pictures, improved since previous release)
1.34 - improved and added few pictures, minor units' improvements.
1.33 - corrected and improved weapons' data file
1.32 - quite improved, with several new units and pictures.

Our thanks to Dan Morris for a help in 1.5 release.


To install our pack, you must follow three steps:

1. CLICK HERE to get new DATA FILES and documentation.

Then you should copy 5 files: obbr, obja, obma, obpz and obus into your "Steel Panthers" main folder.

Warning! These files will OVERWRITE the existing ones, so you may want to make a backup first.

2. Click HERE to get NEW PICTURES

Copy them into your Steel Panthers "PIC" sub-folder (if you haven't such folder - you should create one).

BT-42 Self-propelled gun

Most of our pictures are COLOR since 1.4 release. They should not overwrite any original pictures, but they will overwrite our earlier and worse new pictures and they might overwrite pictures from other third-party sources (it's recommended to manage pictures using some picture browser).

3. Try our color improved pictures then!

The improved pictures can be installed even if you decide not to install the rest of our pack.

They fit well to either standard or modified SP-I, or to Steel Panthers-III, or even SPWAW.

Get the color improved pictures from our COLOR Panthers page - updated in November 2012.

KV-1 in color

PIBWL Steel Panthers-2 / 3 page

If you encounter any problems, or if you have any comments, suggestions or questions (apart from: how to play Steel Panthers I under Windows XP or newer, which I sadly don't know) - mail me

And if you like this pack - be sure to let us know

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"Steel Panthers" is a trademark of SSI