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This site is devoted to Polish military vehicles of 1918-1939.
It is dedicated to those, who fought for freedom.

Our intention, first of all, is to popularize less known prototypes, armoured cars and armoured trains of the Polish Army. Other vehicles will be added in our free time (that we are always lacking - that's why we can not update this site frequently). We are aware, that some of pages may seem too big and too detailed. Indeed, we have tried to make them as detailed as possible, because it may be difficult to find all these information outside Poland, especially that most of books on the subject are in Polish, and in addition, out of print.

This is only a hobby project, therefore we are unable to search source documents in archives - but we have tried to gather and compare information from most of available publications, and indicate doubts and unclear issues. We have been cooperating with several Polish authors and researchers. Some photographs are of a poor quality, but we have been trying to make the topic most complete. This site is very raw and simple - but the information is our goal (besides, it is created entirely by us in the Notepad, currently in kED text editor). Viewing in mobile devices in not recommended.

All photographs and drawings remain a property of their owners (most photographs are likely to be public domain anyway) and are published in an educational purpose only.

If you have any questions regarding Polish armour or the Polish Army in general - write (but it may take a time for me to answer).
We are unable to tell about fates of individual soldiers, though.

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Until 2018 our site was available under http://derela.republika.pl adress, but we had to move to current domain http://derela.pl.

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Armoured cars
Tractors and misc.

Armoured trains

Polish armoured formations of 1939

- pronunciation of Polish names    - designations of Polish vehicles

Prices of Polish armament before 1939

Armament of Polish armoured vehicles 1918-39

Polish artillery in 1939

Wz.34 armoured car

Armoured cars

Armoured cars of 1918-21:

TKS tankette

Tankettes (light reconnaissance tanks)

Vickers E Type B Light Tank

Light tanks

C7P tractor

Artillery tractors and halftracks

Armoured trains

Nr.11 (Danuta) armoured train

Drawing of 120 mm wz.1878/09/31 gun [Janusz Magnuski]

Polish artillery in 1939

Polish armoured formations of 1939

- pronunciation of Polish names

- designations of Polish vehicles

- prices of Polish armament before 1939

Armament of Polish armoured vehicles 1918-39

Steel Panthers page

These pages are dedicated to the memory of Janusz Magnuski (1933-1999), Polish expert and researcher of armoured weapons; author of numerous books and articles published also as "James Grandsen".

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