PIBWL presents:

Steel Panthers I / PIBWL v.1.6 improvement pack

A list of new units in SP-1 PIBWL 1.6 pack:

Some of the units below are not new in the game, but they were given also to other countries. Most of these units, though, are brand new ones, added to the game in our Steel Panthers I PIBWL improvement pack. Almost all have their own, new pictures.

Last additions were in 1.5 release (2003). In 1.6 (2012) there were no new additions, only minor tweaks and several pictures were added.

po polsku
- Belgium - Hungary - Poland (LWP) 1943-45
- China - Italy - Romania
- Finland - Japan - Soviet Union
- France - the Netherlands - USA
- Germany - Norway - USMC
- Great Britain - Poland 1939 - Yugoslavia
- Greece - Poland 1940-45

Belgium: T.15

Humber AC MkIV armoured car - British armoured car, used by the Belgian Piron Brigade for training in Great Britain in 1941-43
Daimler Dingo NEW in 1.42 - Scout Cars Daimler "Dingo", used by the Piron Brigade in Western Europe in 1944-45.
T.15 light tank - light reconnaissance tank of 1940 (42 tanks, Carden-Loyd M.1935).
ACG-1 " - Renault ACG-1 (AMC-35) light tank. 8 tanks were used in the only Belgian armoured car(!) squadron in 1940.
Ford/ M-H 91Y NEW in 1.34
- armoured tractor for cavalry 47mm AT-guns, Ford / Marmon-Herrington 91Y.
White Scout Car NEW in 1.42 - some M2A1 ones used in 1941 in Belgian Congo, some M3 used in 1944-45.
Vickers Tractor NEW in 1.3 - Vickers Utility Tractor - light tracked tractor for 47mm AT guns in 1940.
Battle B MkI aircraft - 18 light bombers bought in Great Britain before the war.
Jeep NEW in 1.42
light truck
- Jeep


China: M3A1 Scout Car

M3A1 Scout Car armoured car - US scout car
SdKfz-222 NEW in 1.32 - a few German armoured cars, bought before the war.
Vickers E Type B light tank - light tank Vickers Mk. E (Six Ton) with 47mm gun - 20 bought before the war (you can read more here)
CV-35 NEW in 1.32 - tankettes, bought in Italy.

Finland:Vickers E BT-42

BA-6 armoured car - captured medium armoured cars (BA-6 and similar BA-3 and BA-10)
BA-20 NEW in 1.32 - captured light armoured cars (BA-20 and similar FAI)
Vickers E light tank - light tank of 1940 Winter War, armed with Bofors 37mm gun Bofors L/45 (you can read more here)
T-34 "Sotka" medium tank - captured tanks T-34/76, called "Sotka" (diver)
T-34/85 " - captured.
T-28 "Postijuna" NEW in 1.3 - captured medium tank - earlier version, without applique armour
PzKpfw-IV J " - bought in 1944, took part only in Lapland War against Germans.
KV-1 heavy tank - captured (few)
Landsverk Anti II SP-flak - Swedish SP AA-guns - the Finns had one battery of 6 guns.
BT-42 SP-artillery - a SP-howitzer of the Finnish construction, with 4.5in (114mm) howitzer upon BT chassis.
Blenheim B MkI aircraft - British light bombers (instead of unused Ju-87).
45mm PstK/M.32 NEW in 1.32
AT gun
- most numerous AT-guns in the Finnish service (captured Soviet ones).


France: White-Laffly 50 AMD1

White-Laffly 50 armoured car - old White-Laffly 50 AM armoured cars, used by the French Vichy colonial units (among others: against US Stuarts in November 1942 in Morocco).
Laffly 80 AM NEW in 1.3 - Laffly 80 AM (Laffly Vincennes) armoured car, used by the French Vichy colonial units and later by the Free French.
Panhard TOE NEW in 1.5- armoured cars Panhard 165/175 TOE, used in Syria and Africa by the Vichy French, then: Free French.
Dodge AM NEW in 1.4 - the Vichy and then Free French improvised armoured car on Dodge truck chassis, used in Syria and Africa (at Bir Hakeim).
M3A1 Scout Car " - US scout car
Laffly W15 TCC NEW in 1.3
tank destroyer
- wheeled tank destroyer with 47mm gun. 70 were built in 1940 upon Laffly truck chassis and used in combat.
D1 NEW in 1.5
medium tank
- old tanks Renault D1, used in Africa.
Crusader II cruiser tank - used in Africa by the Free French.
M8 Scott HMC CS-tank - US close support SP-howitzer
Portee 75mm Gun NEW in 1.4
- the Free French improvised self-propelled gun, with 75mm Mle 1897 Schneider gun on a truck, partially armoured.
Lorraine 38L NEW in 1.3
- armoured personnel carrier (instead of wrong Renault-ZT) - 140 were used in three armoured divisions (DCR) in 1940.
P-39 Airacobra NEW in 1.3
- used from 1943.
Martin 167B3 NEW in 1.4 - US-built medium fast bomber (known as Martin Maryland), used by French, Vichy and Free French in 1940-44 (here: since 1941).
FR Colonial Sqd infantry - an infantry squad of Vichy government forces in Africa, or of the Free French.

We also put a few 1940 units after this date, to represent Vichy government colonial units, and Free French units. They are: SOMUA S-35 and Renault R-35 tanks, 25mm Mle.34 AT-gun, Vichy Infantry Squad and Hotchkiss HMG. Also we put Panhard 178 after 1944 as well.


Germany: Maus

Maus heavy tank - superheavy tank, only two prototypes built.
Sturmtiger assault gun - self-propelled rocket assault mortar on Tiger chassis.
SdKfz-7/1 SP-flak - SP-quadruple AA gun upon half-track chassis.
GE Hvy Wpns Sqd heavy infantry - an infantry squad with 5cm leGrW mortar (up to 1943 - one per each platoon)
GE StG Truppe infantry - an infantry squad armed with assault rifles: SturmGewehr
StG-44 (MP-43) or FG-42 (a paratroops' automatic rifle).


Great Britain:Rolls-Royce AC Centurion

Jeep SAS armoured car - a combat car of SAS units in Libyan Desert (not armoured)
Scout Car " - represents scout cars: Daimler Dingo SC, Humber SC and Ford Lynx SC.
Morris LRC Mk I " - a light reconnaissance car
Morris CS9/LAC NEW in 1.4 - armoured car, used in BEF in 1940 and in early African combat.
Rolls-Royce AC " - old Rolls-Royce AC 1920 Pattern cars, used in Africa
Marmon-Herr. AC " - Marmon-Herrington AC Mk II & III (South-African produced).
M3A1 White SC " - US M3A1 Scout Car (manufactured by White)
Humber AC Mk IV " - the most numerous version with US 37mm gun.
AEC AC MkI NEW in 1.5 - armoured car, used since the end of African campaign.
Heavy TD - heavy armoured cars with 6pdr and 75mm guns, used as a support in armoured cars regiments (their new class "Heavy TD" is fictious).
Staghound Mk III " - heavy AC, with 75mm gun (in Crusader's turret)
M3 GMC NEW in 1.5 - US SP-gun, used as a support in armoured cars regiments.
M-H AC II /20mm NEW in 1.5 - armoured car Marmon-Herrington AC Mk II with 20mm Breda gun in turret's place (used in Africa).
Mk VIb light tank - the most numerous version, with Vickers 0.5in and 0.303in TMGs
Stuart V " - light tank (US M3A3).
Stuart Recce " - Stuart V tank with turret removed, used as a light reconnaissance carrier in the later stage of war, instead of light tanks.
Mk VII Tetrarch " - light airborne tank. First used in Normandy.
M22 Locust " - light airborne tank (US). Used during Rhine crossing.
Cromwell VIIw medium tank - cruiser tank, a version with strengthened welded armour
General Lee NEW in 1.3 - the original model of US M3 medium tank, also used by the British.
Staghound Mk II CS-Tank - fire support vehicle with 3in (76mm) howitzer.
Matilda I .50 infantry tank - infantry tank, armed with Vickers .50cal TMG.
Valentine I " - infantry tank, early version.
Churchill II " - infantry tank, armed with 2pdr (40mm) gun.
Wasp Carrier flame tank - Universal Carrier with (Canadian) flame-thrower.
M10 TD - US tank destroyer M10, with original 3in (76mm) gun
2pdr Portee NEW in 1.5
- 2pdr gun on 15cwt truck, used in Africa, not armoured.
Light Tank AA I SP-Flak - anti-aircraft tank with 4 Besa AAMGs.
Crusader AA III " - AA-tank Crusader III AA III, used in tank regiments (2x20mm guns)
Staghound AA " - AA-vehicle, armed with 2 Browning .50cal HMGs
M16 MGMC " - US multiple gun motor carriage, also used by the British.
C-9/B Bofors AA " - SP AA-gun upon Morris C-9 truck chassis.
Centurion I cruiser tank - Main Battle Tank, used after the war, but constructed during the WW II.
M-13/40 (cpt) " - captured Italian tanks - a few used in Africa.
Hurricane Mk IID aircraft - "Tank Hunter" with two 40mm automatic cannons.
Spitfire Mk IX E NEW in 1.2 - fighter plane.
Boston Mk III NEW in 1.31 - bomber plane, used among others by the SAAF in North Africa.
6pdr /Sabot ATG AT-Gun - 6 Pounder (57mm) gun with highly efficient APDS "Sabot" ammo (and also HE ammo)
37mm Bofors ATG " - used in Africa (some of them of Polish production).
25mm AT-Gun " - a few French guns, used in the beginning of African campaign.
75mm Pack How. howitzer - US airborne howitzer, used also by the British (e.g. at Arnheim).


Greece: PZL P.24G

British A10 NEW in 1.4
cruiser tank
- British A10 Cruiser Tank MkII, used by the British forces in Greece in 1941.
Potez P.633 aircraft - French light bomber, 11 bought before the war.
PZL P.24G NEW in 1.4 - Polish-built fighter, used in 1941.


Hungary: Zrinyi II

35M Ansaldo light tank - Italian tankettes CV-35 bought before the war
Toldi II " - Hungarian light tank, basic variant with strengthened armour (110 units).
Toldi IIa " - further modification with 40mm gun
Panzer IV Rovid medium tank - PzKpfw-IV D and F1 tanks with short 75mm gun, bought in Germany in 1942.
Tas heavy tank
NEW in 1.32
- modern medium tank prototype, called "Hungarian Panther"
Zrinyi II assault gun - 43M Zrinyi 105 (Zrinyi II) assault gun (66 built).
Hetzer " - German tank destroyer (75 bought in 1945).
40mm 40M AT-Gun AT-gun
37mm 36M AT-Gun " - by German licence
40mm 37M AA-Gun Flak - Bofors gun, licence-produced.
HUN SMG Sqd infantry


Italy: AS-42 Sahariana

AS-42 Sahariana armoured car - lightly armoured desert scout car (4x4) AS-42 Camionetta Sahariana.
Autoblinda AB-40 " - the earlier version of 4x4 armored car, armed with 3 MG's.
Lancia I.Z. " - old WW-I armored car (armed with 3 MG's).
FIAT 611 " - old AC with 37mm gun (most of them were armed with 3 MG's)
L5/21 FIAT-3000 light tank - old tanks, armed with 2 MG's, used in Sicily.
M40 w/ sandbags medium tank - M-13/40 tank protected with sandbags.
Carro S-35 " - French Somua S-35 tank, acquired from the Germans in 1941, used only in Sicily; and in Sardinia against the Germans (!).
Carro R-35 " - French Renault R-35 tank, used in combat in Sicily.
L3/35 Lf flame tank - a tankette with a flame-thrower (520 litres of a mixture on a trailer!).
L6/40 Lf removed in 1.51 - a light tank with a flame-thrower (Lanciafiamme)
L3/33 (20mm) command tank - a tankette with 20mm gun (small number, also L3/35s)
L5/30 FIAT-3000 " - an old light tank with 37mm gun - used in Sicily
Semovente 75/18 assault gun - Italian basic SP-gun.
Breda Ba.65 aircraft - a bomber-fighter plane from the initial stage of the war.
G.50bis A.S. " - Fiat G.50bis A.S. Freccia bomber-fighter plane.
SM.79 Sparviero " - Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero medium bomber.
IT Paratroops heavy infantry - paratroops (mainly of division "Folgore", fighting fiercely at El-Alamein)
IT Mitraglieri NEW in 1.5 - late-war infantry with 1 SMG.
RSI Militia " - a militia of Mussolini's republic RSI (Salo).

By a small trick we've also made available Ju-87B Stuka aircraft, used also by Italian army.


Japan: Ho-Ni I M3 Stuart Type 0

VickersCrossley NEW in 1.5
armored car
- armoured cars Vickers-Crossley, used in China before the WWII.
Type 4 Ke-Nu light tank - Type 95 light tank with Chi-Ha turret with 57mm gun (small series).
Type 92 Sokosha NEW in 1.3 - light cavalry tank, basic version with two 6.5mm MG's. "Sokosha" was a class name and it meant: "armoured car".
M3 Stuart Type 0 " - M3 Stuart tanks captured in the Philippines and Burma, used in the 3rd Company of the 7.Tank Rgt. (Sensha Rentai)
Type 4 Chi-To heavy tank - new medium tank with Type 5 75mm long barrel gun (only 5 prototype units were built)
Type 5 Chi-Ri " - new medium tank, armed with 75mm long barrel gun and 37mm gun (only one prototype)
Type 5 Chi-Ri II NEW in 1.3 - the last project of a medium tank. It was meant to be armed with German 88mm gun
Type 1 Ho-Ni SP-Artillery - a self propelled 75mm gun (in 1.5 changed class - it wasn't tank destroyer in fact)
Type 1 Ho-Ni II NEW in 1.3 - a self propelled 105mm gun
Type 3 Ho-Ni III assault gun - late-war tank destroyer, not used in combat.
Type 3 Ka-Chi amphib tank - an amphibious tank with 47mm gun - about 20 completed
Type 4 Ka-Tsu NEW in 1.3
heavy amphib
- an amphibious armoured carrier - about 50 completed
SS Engineer Tank NEW in 1.3
mineclear tank
- an engineer tank, equipped with a flamethrower.
B5N2 'Kate' aircraft - deck bomber Nakajima B5N2 'Kate'.
Ki-51 Guntei NEW in 1.4 - light Army bomber Mitsubishi Ki-51 Guntei ("Sonia").
JA Paratroops NEW in 1.4
- late-war paratroops with Type 100 SMGs
Type 89 So-Da APC - light APC and tractor upon Te-Ke tankette chassis.
Type 1 Ho-Ha halftrack - half-track APC
37mm Ra AT-Gun NEW in 1.42
AT Gun
- German PaK-35/36, captured in China and used by the Japanese (appr. 100 guns).
75mm Field Gun howitzer - field gun (Type 90 or Type 38).
20mm Type 98 AA NEW in 1.4
AA Gun
- the most common Japanese light AA gun.
81mm Mortar NEW in 1.4
- Type 97, the most popular Japanese mortar (also Navy Type 3 Mortar).
120mm Mortar NEW in 1.4 - Type 2 mortar, introduced by the end of the war.
8in Rocket NEW in 1.3
- the Japanese used small quantities of unguided rockets of a few different kinds.
5.5in 140mm,
6in 152mm &
16in 406mm Support
artillery - light cruisers of old (140mm) and newer (152mm) classes
- "Nagato" and "Mutsu" battleships


The Netherlands: DAF M.39Fokker G.I

Landsverk M.36 armoured car - AC Pantserwagen M.36 (Landsverk L-181), 6x4, with 37mm gun (only 12 units)
Landsverk M.38 " - AC Pantserwagen M.38 (Landsverk L-180), 6x4, 37mm gun. (12 units)
DAF M.39 NEW in 1.2 - the newest AC Pantserwagen M.39 (DAF), 37mm gun. Only one out of 12 was used in combat.
Straussler AC3D NEW in 1.42 - armoured car Alvis Straussler, 12 used in the Dutch East Indies.
Marmon-Herr. AC NEW in 1.5 - Marmon-Herrington AC Mk III, 27 were used in the Dutch East Indies.
Overvalwagen NEW in 1.5 - armoured truck, used in the East India (here: as armoured car).
Humber AC Mk IV NEW in 1.5 - used in armoured car squadron of Prinses Irene Brigade in 1944-45.
Humber ScoutCar NEW in 1.5 - scout car, used as above.
Carden-Loyd VI light tank - 5 tankettes - Poema, Jaguar, Panter, Luipaard and Lynx (apart from 2 FT-17, the only Dutch 1940 tanks).
CTLS-4TAC " - US-built Marmon-Herrington light tank. 25 used in Dutch East Indies (Java), next 28 - by Dutch Marines in Suriname.
Vickers M1936 NEW in 1.4 - Vickers Light Tank, used in Java.
British Mk VIb NEW in 1.5 - British light tanks Mk VIb of 3rd the King's Own Hussars, fighting in NEI.
Fokker G.I aircraft - heavy fighter-bomber (similar design to P-38 Lightning).
Fokker C.X NEW in 1.4 - light biplane bomber and recce plane of 1940.
Overvalwagen NEW in 1.4
- armoured truck, used in the East Indies against the Japanese.
Jeep BlitzbuggyNEW in 1.5
Light truck
-early jeep Bantam GP "Blitzbuggy", used in the East Indies.
57mm 6 veld gun NEW in 1.5
Infantry Gun
- old infantry gun, used in 1940.


Norway: Fokker C.V

French H-38 removed in 1.5 - they didn't support Norwegian troops.
Fokker C.V NEW in 1.5
- light reconnaissance plane of 1940
7.5cm Bergkanon NEW in 1.5
Infantry Gun
- mountain guns: m/11, m/19, m/24, m/27 of 1940.


Poland 1939: Vickers
E single turret (type B)

Wz.29 Ursus armoured car - armoured car 4x2. Only 11 vehicles, used in the 11th Armoured Battalion.
Renault R-35 light tank - light tank, used in the reserve 21st Tank Btn.
FT-17 (37mm) CS-tank - old light tank.
Vickers E jw.
Vickers E dw.
infantry tank - light tank, Model B (47mm gun)
- light tank, Model A (twin-turreted, 2 MG's) - used in the only Polish two motorized brigades (the 10th Mot. Cavalry Bde and WBP-M)
PZL-23B Karas' aircraft - "Karas" (crucian carp), basic Polish bomber & scout plane.
PO LMG Sec changed in 1.4
heavy infantry
- now the infantry platoon resembles more the one of 1939
(3x19 men, 3 LMGs, 46mm mortar and AT-rifle in each platoon). The original platoon wasn't divided in sections, but such are the game limits.
PO Uhlans/AT cavalry - a half of Uhlan platoon, with AT-rifle (one per platoon). In 1939 Poland had 26 Uhlan (Lancer), 8 Mounted Shooters and 3 Chevaux-Legeres regiments.
PF-508 Lazik light truck - Polish "jeep" 4x2 Polski FIAT-508/III "Łazik", with LMG.
C4P Tractor hvy halftrack - half-tracked artillery tractor C4P (though most of Polish artillery were horse-drawn...)
40mm wz.36 AA-G flak - Bofors AA-gun, licence-built.
Wz.30 ckm HMG MG - Polish "ckm"= HMG (a copy of Colt-Browning.)
100mm Battery
155mm Battery
artillery - a battery of 100mm wz.14/19 Skoda light howitzers.
- a battery of 155mm wz.17 Schneider howitzers.
Armoured Train removed in 1.5 - artillery support


Poland 1940-45:
(PSZ - Polish Army in the West)
Stuart V Recce

See a short summary of Polish Armed Forces in 1940-45

Scout Car armoured car - Scout Cars: Daimler "Dingo", Humber Scout Car and Ford Lynx SC.
M3A1 Scout Car " - light scout APC, used in Polish 2nd Corps in Italy, and in the Army in the Soviet Union.
Marmon-Herr. AC " - Marmon-Herrington AC, used in small numbers by Carpathian Uhlan Regiment (PUK) in 1942-43 in Africa (versions Mk II & Mk III).
Morris LRC Mk I NEW in 1.3 - Light Reconnaissance Car, used for training in 1942-43 in Africa.
Renault R-40 light tank - late R-35 (R-39) and Renault/AMX R-40 tanks; both armed with better 37mm L/33 gun. Used in combat in 1940 by the Polish 10th Armoured Cavalry Bde. of Col. Maczek.
Stuart Recce " - light reconnaissance carrier - a turretless Stuart V or VI, used in combat mostly in Italy.
PzKpfw-IIIH cpt medium tank - captured PzKpfw-III's were used in one platoon of the Carpathian Uhlan Regiment in Egypt.
Sherman I B 105 CS-tank - a few M4A1(105) Sherman-I B tanks were given in 1945 to the Polish 2nd Armured Bde.
Cromwell VI CS " - used in the 10.PSK recce regiment of the 1st Armoured Division (1.DPanc)
Carrier /20mm NEW in 1.5 - a carrier armed with captured 20mm Breda or Solothurn guns, used in Africa.
Cromwell IV cruiser tank - used in the 10th Mounted Rifle Rgt (10.PSK) - a recce regiment of the Polish 1st Armoured Division of Gen. Maczek, fighting from August 1944 in Western Europe.
Cromwell IV/apl " - a modification with spare tracks welded upon the armour for a better protection ("applique armour") - on most tanks from October'44 on.
Crusader III " - used only for training in Great Britain in 1943-44.
Sherman II A "- in 1945, the 1.Arm. Div. was re-equipped with Sherman IIA (M4A1(76)W) tanks
Sherman III NEW in 1.3 - the basic tank of the 2nd Armoured Brigade, fighting in 1944-45 in Italy.
Sherman Firefly command tank - Shermans Vc (or Ic) Firefly were used as support tanks in Sherman squadrons.
Challenger " - used as support tanks for the Cromwells of the 10.PSK
Achilles IIc TD - tank destroyer, used by the 1st Arm.Div.
M10 "Destroyer" " - tank destroyer, used in the Polish 2nd Corps in Italy.
Sexton SP-artillery - used in the 1st Motor Arty Rgt of the 1st Arm.Div.
Crusader AA III SP-Flak - AA-tank, used in armoured regiments and staff protection of the 1st Arm.Div, also for ground anti-personnel support.
M16 MGMC " - used (few, from 1945): in the 1st Arm.Div., and also (identical M17 version) in the LWP (Polish People's Army)
Spitfire LFIX E NEW in 1.2
- fighter (markings from Polish 302nd RAF Sq).
17pdr AT-Gun AT-Gun "
37mm Bofors ATG " - used by the Carpathian Rifle Brigade (SBSK) in Tobruk in 1941 (some of them Polish-produced and exported!).
20mm Breda Gun NEW in 1.4 - numerous captured AA/AT guns, used by the SBSK in Tobruk.


Poland 1943-45:
LWP - Polish People Army (in Soviet Union)

See a short summary of Polish Armed Forces in 1940-45

BA-64 armoured car - light reconnaissance car
T-70 light tank - light recce tank
T-34 m.43
medium tank - all were used in the 1st Armoured Brigade of Westerplatte Heroes, the 16th Armoured Bde and 3 brigades of the 1st Armoured Corps of the LWP.
IS-2 heavy tank - used in the 4th and the 5th Heavy Tank Rgts of the LWP.
SU-85 SP-gun - a tank destroyer, used in three SP-Artillery Regiments (13th, 24th, 28th)
ISU-122 "- a heavy TD, used in the 25th SP-Arty Rgt.
SU-57 " - a TD (US T48 GMC), used in the 7th Indep. SP-Arty Battalion.
SU-76M SP-artillery - a light SP-gun, used in 9 SP-Arty Bttns for infantry close support.
Il-2M3 aircraft - a ground support plane.
45mm M.42 ATG hvy AT-gun - basic AT-gun in LWP infantry units (still in 1944-45...)
57mm ZiS-2 ATG " - AT-gun, used in special AT-Artillery Brigades (Army level)
76mm ZiS-3 ATG NEW in 1.5 - a field gun ZiS-3 M.42, used also as anti-tank gun of divisional level, and Army level.
76mm ZiS-3 FG howitzer - a field gun ZiS-3 M.42, used in Light Artillery Regiments of infantry divisions.
120mm Mortar mortar - 120mm mortars: M.38 & M.43
122mm Battery artillery - 122mm howitzer battery
152mm Battery NEW in 1.3 - 152mm Gun-Howitzer battery.
Maxim HMG MG"
LWP Infantry
LWP Sappers

- ...in LWP there were formed two Armies, consisting of 10 infantry divisions

...and two Sapper Brigades (apart from divisional sapper units.)


Romania: CKD R-1

TACAM R-2 TD - The Roamnian tank destroyer TACAM was a mix of R-2 (PzKpfw-35(t)) tank chassis, and a captured 76mm ZiS-3 field gun.
R-35/45mm NEW in 1.3
light tank
- a modification of Renault R-35 with Soviet 45mm gun.
CKD R-1 NEW in 1.31 - a light recce tank of Cavalry Regiment (Czech made).

By a small trick, we've made a few weapons from other countries available to buy.
You can't choose them like other units, but you can click "Buy" on them, anyway.
They are: German PzKpfw-IVf and SdKfz-222, French Potez-633 aircraft, two versions of FT-17 tank and Soviet 122mm Battery


Soviet Union: T-44

M3A1 "Skaut" armoured car - US scout car (3300 units given to the USSR). "Skaut" (Ckayt) is Rusian-transcripted name.
BA-20M NEW in 1.32 - light armoured car [ - this unit replaces 305mm Support]
T-44 medium tank - a successor of T-34/85, with a completely redesigned hull. The production began in 1944, but none were used in combat.
Valentine IX NEW in 1.5 - lend-lease medium tank with 6pdr gun, quite popular in Soviet tank units (one them was recovered from river in Poland in 2012...)
KV-8 flame tank - KV-8 had a flame-thrower with 960 litres of a mixture, and 45mm gun. About 43 + 25 improved KV-8s were built.



M1 Combat Car NEW in 1.42
light tank
- an early Cavalry light tank, single-turret, MG-armed.
M2A2 'Mae West' NEW in 1.5 - most numerous US pre-war light tank, twin-turret.
M4A3(76)W medium tank - Sherman M4A3(76)W ("wet" ammo stowage, 76mm gun).
M4A3 w/sandbags " - M4A3(76)W with an added 1" thick front armour plate and sandbags all around in defence against Panzerfausts
M6 Heavy Tank NEW in 1.5
Heavy tank
- experimental heavy tank of 1942, not used in combat.
T30 HMC SP-artillery - a self-propelled 75mm field howitzer on Halftrack chassis
(common additions)

M3A1 Scout Car armored car - scout car.
M6 GMC Dodge TD - tank destroyer - 3/4t Dodge truck with 37mm gun.
M3 GMC " - tank destroyer with French 75mm gun on a halftrack chassis.
M4 SPM SP-artillery - self propelled mortar 81mm, upon a halftrack chassis.


USMC: LVT-1 Alligator

M8 Scott HMC CS-tank - howitzer motor carriage upon Stuart chassis
T62 Dodge " - Dodge truck with a launcher of 4.5in rockets.
M3A1 Satan flame tank - M3A1 Stuart with a flame-thrower and 37mm gun.
LVT-2 w/cannon amphib tank - LVT-2 Armored, with an automatic 37mm cannon.
LVT(A)4 modified " - an improved "Marianas model"
LVT-1 Alligator hvy amphib - the first of all "Amtracks".
M3 Halftrack halftrack "
Dodge light truck - Dodge light trucks: WC-3 (1/2t) and WC-51 (3/4t).
A-36A Apache NEW in 1.3
- diver bomber version of P-51.
P-47D Razorback NEW in 1.3 - fighter-bomber.
A-20C Gunship NEW in 1.31 - attack bomber plane (the modification with extra MGs added).
A-20G Havoc NEW in 1.31 - attack bomber plane.
P-51A Mustang NEW in 1.4 - variant with rockets, used in Burma (though, in fact, armed with 4.5in, not 5in rockets).
SBD Dauntless NEW in 1.4 - deck dive bomber.


Yugoslavia: M3A3 Stuart with 75mm PaK-40 T-32 Skoda S-1D

M3A1 Scout Car armored car - scout car, from US deliveries
FT-17 /37mm light tank - FT-17 tank with 37mm L/21 gun. Also newer Renault M-26/27 tanks.
T-32 Skoda " - a tankette with 37mm gun (Czech-built Skoda S-1D, 8 units)
TKS NEW in 1.42 - captured tankette (Polish-built, used by the Croat Ustashes and the Germans)
H-39 " - French Hotchkiss tanks, captured from the Germans.
M3A3 Stuart V " - the British gave 56 Stuarts to Tito partisans in 1944.
M3A3/PaK-40 Heavy TD - Stuart with German 75mm PAK-40 AT-gun in turret's place.
AEC AC Mk II " - a heavy AC with 6pdr gun, received from the British.
M3A3/Flakv.38 SP-Flak - Stuart with German quadruple 20mm Flakvierling-38 gun in turret's place.
SM.79 Sparviero aircraft - 45 bombers Savoia-Marchetti, bought in Italy before the war.
Dornier Do-17K " - bombers, bought in Germany and produced under licence (70).
100mm Battery artillery "
155mm Battery " - battery of 155mm Schneider M.17 howitzers
YU SMG Partisan infantry


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