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Polish artillery of WWII in 1939

This page, started in 2013, is a supplement to our service about Polish armour, providing basic information about Polish artillery at the outbreak of World War II.
After World War I Poland used a variety of guns of French, Austrian, Russian, Prussian, Czechoslovakian and Italian origin, but in 1930s they were largely standardized and only several artillery systems remained in use, most of WWI vintage. Below we describe only guns, that remained in service during 1939 September Campaign. The pages on specific guns are updated at times and new pages will be added in a future.

Field artillery

75 mm wz.97 guns and 100 mm howitzers were a mainstay of the Polish artillery, used in Light Artillery Regiments of Infantry Divisions, while 105 mm guns and 155 mm howitzers were used in Heavy Artillery Detachments of Infantry Divisions. All these types, along with non numerous 120 mm guns, were also used in separate detachments of C-in-C reserve (Armies artillery). 75 mm wz.02/26 guns were used in mounted artillery detachments of Cavalry Brigades and infantry gun platoons in Infantry Regiments. Use of other types of guns (65 mm mountain and 76.2mm) was limited.

Anti-tank and infantry guns

Anti-aircraft artillery

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