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Polish armoured car wz. 29 Ursus - gallery

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This is a supplement to the armoured car wz.29 "Ursus" page, containing additional information and photos.

Early Ursus

An early look of armoured car wz.29 number 6753. It has the early tyres and wears no camouflage (probably dark green only). Note, that the gun and MG are swapped together in the turret. The vehicle also mounts an AAMG.

Armoured car wz. 29 Ursus in washable winter camouflage (exercise in Przemysl - Lwow area, February 1934). A disc on the rear is a tactical sign.

Samochody wz. 29 w Bydgoszczy

Since 1934 until the early 1936, cars wz. 29 were used in the Armoured Car Company in Bydgoszcz, reorganized to the 8th Armoured Battalion in 1935. The photo shows the wz. 29 cars' platoon at the yard of Bydgoszcz barracks in 1934. The first is a motorcycle CWS M111, on the right there are Ursus A trucks. The first two cars wz. 29 have numbers: 6628 and 6755. Triangles on the front plates mean the second platoon. The cars are in a so-called "Japanese-style" camouflage, used in 1932-36, and consisting of patches in bright yellowish sand, dark green and dark brown, separated with black stripes. A photo of the same vehicles on the road can be seen on the wz. 29 main page. [2, 4].

Armoured cars wz. 29 in a temporary experimental camouflage, around 1935. The car in the middle has turret weapons swapped. In a background, Vickers E tanks. [AJ]

The armoured car wz. 29 with anti-aircraft machine gun, ultimate 'baloon' tyres and camouflage scheme - a photo from the late thirties. Anti-aircraft MG's were not efficient and were rarely mounted, in 1939 they were not used anymore.

Right: Ursus destroyed on September 3, 1939 near Chojnów by armoured cars of SS "Der Führer" regiment. [1,4]

Most likely photos below show the same car, pushed aside from a road.

Unidentified wz.29 Ursus car destroyed in September 1939.

At least one car wz. 29 (possibly two) was completed as a propaganda or police car, with a loudspeaker in the turret. Not much is known about this car, apart from that it had 6814 number. The hull of this car was significantly bigger, especially in rear part - most likely it was built of regular steel plates instead of armour. It was also distinguished by grilles in engine hood sides and front, instead of hatches. Reportedly such car was used in 1935 in the 5th Armoured Battalion in Cracov. Camouflage suggests, that it was used by the Army, rather then by the Police. ([AJ]).

A cross-section of armoured car wz. 29. Note, that a position of a rear gunner is wrong (he should be seated). Drawing: Witold Jeleń, [4].


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AJ - photos courtesy of Adam Jońca from his collection

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