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Polish C4P tractor / wz.34 halftrack

Color drawings

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This page is a supplement to the C4P artillery tractor / wz.34 halftrack car page.

The author of all drawings is Adam Jońca, taken from: A. Jońca, R. Szubański, J. Tarczyński: "Wrzesień 1939 - Pojazdy Wojska Polskiego - Barwa i broń"; WKL; Warsaw 1990.

The wz. 34 halftrack in a basic truck variant.

Late series C4P field artillery tractor with a long platform (for a light artillery).

The wz.34 ambulance.


The wz.34 halftrack workshop car in a typical three color camouflage (greyish-sand and dark brown over brown-green).

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