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Welcome to the PIBWL Home Page

Our website, started in 1998, is devoted to military history, focused around our main section: Polish Armour of 1918-1939. You can find here, first of all, an information on lesser known tanks, armoured cars, armoured trains and other military vehicles, especially Polish, but not only. We have decided to focus on content – that's why our pages remain very raw, but the information is our goal, and we hope you can find it here. This is only a hobby project, maintained within limits of a free time.

The site is updated from time to time, so keep en eye what's new!

Polish Armour page - Polish Armour of 1918-1939

- Polish Armoured Formations of 1939

- Polish Armoured Trains

- Polish Artillery of 1939

Improvement Pack for STEEL PANTHERS I game - Improvement Pack for STEEL PANTHERS I game

- COLOR pictures for Steel Panthers I / III / SPWAW / SPWW2

- COLOR pictures for STEEL PANTHERS II / III games


- PIBWL's favourite links page

We have adapted an acronym PIBWL long ago - it was first a fictional project, named Private Land Army Research Institute (in Polish). The project is gone, but strange name remained...


All the photos and pictures used remain the property of their owners.
They are published in an educational and research purpose only.

However, we believe, that most of photos used belong to public domain due to age or anonymous authors.

The pages were optimized for 800 x 600 resolution, currently are getting optimized for 1024 x 768 resolution during updates, but if you notice errors in layout, let us know. Browser window resolutions wider than 1280 are not recommended.

Due to content priority, we decided to keep the pages raw and simple - besides, they are created entirely in the notepad (from 2019 - in kED text editor)

I encourage you to mail me - We're waiting for your suggestions, comments or questions!